We are dedicated to showing you the proper way to play airsoft and proving that even though we are young we are very skilled and dont mistake size for skill
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 AFK Field rules.

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Admin jacob
Admin jacob

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PostSubject: AFK Field rules.   Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:06 pm

These rules are to be followed at all times and are not to be broken
1. No cheating
2. If you are hit then scream "hit" and raise your hand then walk to the out zone
3. Keep your temper down remain calm and happy Mad
4. Always report any injuries to the leader or Co-leader even if a small cut No
5. Always wear your goggles or glasses your eyes are to be protected at all times
6. Eat and get plenty of rest before and after a game
7. You are not to pick and or bully another airsoft player because of their lack of skill Evil or Very Mad
8. Dont shoot a animal pig
9. When not in use keep your gun on safety so no "acideints" will ocure
10. If you hit someone they will get out dont scream it at them or make fun of them. jocolor
11. Remeber good sportsmen ship cheers
12. If your cunfused about a question or a rule ask the leader or co-leader scratch
13. If you are caught in the act of cheating you will be warned the second time you will sit out the third you will leave the field
14. Ian and Jacob are the commanders there say is the rule we will be firm but fair however cheating will not be tolerated
15. Make sure your parents are ok with you playing airsoft Very Happy
16. Remeber were are only allowing 10 players if you want to join and there are already ten members talk to Jacob
17. Always Carry water, a water cooler will be on the field for those who can not bring water however please bring your own
18. Jacob is in charge of recruiting he will help you in any means possible.
19. Respect all AFK members king
20. make sure you dont shoot anyone in the face aim for the torso
21. Fireworks are not allowed on the field cherry
22. if you have a grenade that you want to use durring the game ask jacob or ian first
23. Always keep in contact with your parents (if under the age of 12)
24. Bring your own ammo And always remember the golden rule dont shoot unless you know your going to hit
25. Follow these rules and we can all have a amzing fun time on the field just like airsoft is ment to be rabbit

These rules were made at jacobs house by Ian.
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AFK Field rules.
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